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At PUNCH IN, we’re passionate about online casinos, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology.

The latter is here to stay. Its disrupting potential has already gripped online gambling. However, some still view crypto casinos as a niche market reserved for blockchain enthusiasts.

We aim to break this misconception and change that reductive mindset. We want everybody to take advantage of the fairness of provably fair games, the anonymity of blockchain casinos, and the security of cryptocurrency transactions.

We also cover gambling topics within decentralized applications.

Our mission is to guide prospective crypto gamblers in their online journey, helping them play and have fun as safely as possible by giving them all the information they need before investing their money.

With our in-depth reviews, we hope to share the word about the most trusted casinos but also to call attention to the shortcomings of others.

How We Rate Our Casinos

Our blockchain casino reviews follow a simple structure that tries to focus on what we deem to be quality indicators:

  • Bonuses
  • Look and Feel
  • Game Selection
  • Licensing and Safety
  • Payment Options
  • Customer Support

We playtest the casinos, then attribute a rating to each of these sections, which is then averaged to create the brand’s final score.

You can also leave your review and rate each brand according to your preferences. In fact, we actively encourage you to do so, as we fully understand that different users may have completely different experiences at the same casino.

Whenever relevant, we also compare the reviewed casino to its main competitors and provide alternatives where we believe it could do better.

Our Business Model

We provide detailed information on cryptocurrency betting and insightful blockchain casino reviews, free of charge, to all our users.

To keep our website profitable, we use a revenue model called affiliate marketing. In an effort of complete transparency, we will explain exactly how we use affiliate marketing to operate this platform.

It’s simple: when browsing our website, users may voluntarily click on a link, which directs them towards one of our partners. When they do so, we receive a small commission.

That’s the extent of the commercial relationship we have with the brands we review. However, do keep in mind that:

  1. We do not accept financial incentives to write reviews, nor do we . They are independently written and fully represent our views.
  2. When playtesting the websites and contacting customer support, we use our own money and anonymous accounts.
  3. An affiliation partnership isn’t required for us to mention a brand. We have reviewed blockchain casinos (good or bad) and gambling Dapps with whom we don’t have a commercial relationship.

It’s important to note that affiliate marketing is a widely used business model in websites that review products and services.

Let’s Keep In Touch

Do you want to leave a message? Reach us at info[at]punch-in.org.

We appreciate any feedback you might have and will do our best to reply in a timely matter.