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Use Assistive Technology

Janet Peters, Project Coordinator with the Great Lakes ADA Center, discusses basic information you should know about Assistive Technology and how it can be helpful in gaining and keeping employment.

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Know Your Rights

Peter Berg, ADA Technical Assistance Coordinator for the Great Lakes ADA Center, talks about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and what you need to know about the ADA in the job searching process.

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Get Prepared

Anysha Gilliam, Talent Acquisition Manager at Opportunity Partners, discusses how to be prepared for a job search, including coverletters, resumes, and practice interviews.

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Find A Job

Dan Meyers, Job Developer and Manager with Opportunity Partners, highlights disability specific consideration in the job search process, such as transportation and housing.

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Discover Yourself

Jennie Meuwissen, Manager of Youth Transition Services at Opportunity Partners, talks about the importance of knowing your values and personality in the job search.

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